Gather your troop admins, girls and parents to make a plan for your build(s). Follow the instructions/images provided here or be creative and come up with your own!


Determine what materials you need! The Network has an inventory of pre-cut materials and other supplies. Contact the Network Leaders using the Contact Us page and let us know what you need.


Choose a day (or more) and time for your build. Troop Administrators and registered volunteers need to be sure to follow all Safety Activity Checkpoints for each level.



Community focused.

Our community needs us now more than ever. Today in Washington County, TN, 43% of households struggle to make ends meet. The goal of the Caring Cabinets Network is to meet an unspoken, unmet need to provide essential household supplies to disadvantaged families, particularly women and children. We are excited to create long-term positive impact by fostering greater understanding about the accessibility of these items.

We’re actively looking for prospective sites, hosts, and ideas from local Girl Scout and Junior League members, as well as members of the broader community. We work with the Washington County Health Department, the Johnson City and Washington County School Districts, as well as numerous other groups, to nominate sites and make referrals, based on local demographic data.

Have a site in mind for nomination? Use the Location Nomination form to let us know. Be sure to include as much site information as possible.