Instructions & Plans

Ready to build your cabinet, but not sure where to start? Here you’ll find PDF instructions for creating the cabinet and attaching it to a wooden post. The post can go in the ground (site owner permitted) or in a large planter filled with cement. If you have an idea that’s not shown on this page, then let us know and we’ll gladly work with you to make your idea a reality!

Modern Two-Story plan

Basic Roof plan

Kitchen Cabinet Upcycle plan

Angled Roof plan

Post Attachment & Installation


Cabinet Pack Ideas

Now that you’ve built your cabinet, it’s time to fill it with products and packs! Below you’ll find a link to a curated Amazon wishlist of items to place in your cabinet. The general idea is to fill the cabinets with items that aren’t covered by EBT, SNAP, or other government assisted programs so keep that in mind while shopping.

Caring Cabinet Amazon Wishlist